What’s actually working right now in social media? We discuss where we’re finding success and what platforms you should be focusing on.

● 1:05: Quora: How Sujan and Aaron are making it work for them, including what to pay attention to if you want to use the platform to boost your brand
● 4:40: How Sujan used Quora to drive sales to his ebook.
● 6:40: How to ask for engagement on social media and with popups and why this strategy can be more effective than email marketing.
● 10:20: Thoughts on what you can do on LinkedIn, how to add more contacts, and what types of posts tend to do well.
● 13:25: How to use automation to make your social media presence more successful.

  1. This is really helpful. Got my eyes rolling over some basic stuff I might have missed. Thanks Sujan!

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