Athletes from around the world are heading to Rio for the Olympics, and I can’t even begin to imagine the number of people making the trip to watch the events in person. If you haven’t already booked travel for it, then you’re probably going to follow the events through social media, like I am.

I’ll be tuned in to the official Olympics Twitter profile, ESPN, and a host of other social channels to get my fix. But I’ll also check out the social feeds of some of the Olympic contenders.

Not all of them, mind you: the U.S. alone (Team USA!) sends hundreds of athletes to compete for the gold. But I’ll be paying close attention to some of them for their clever use of social media. I’m also excited to see how competitors from other countries use the newest platforms and updated features to keep in touch with their audiences.

A lot of them are building an impressive following.

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Live streaming app Periscope is one of the latest social platforms to enter the scene. It’s also (if you ask me) one of the most exciting.

The concept of live streaming isn’t exactly unique. Periscope is up against competition from similar applications like Meerkat and more recently, Facebook Live.

However, what I – and I think a lot of marketers – feel gives Periscope the edge is its integration with Twitter.

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Social media marketing seems like it should be intuitive, but anybody who’s ever run a campaign knows that this seemingly-simple technique becomes much more complex in execution.

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Ready to launch a new career in the field of internet marketing?  Or maybe you’ve already logged a few years in the digital marketing industry and are ready to take your skills to the next level?

No matter what the case may be, I’ve got all the resources you need to succeed in this comprehensive guide.  I’ve condensed my nearly ten years of experience into recommendations I wish I’d had when I was first starting out – all to help you launch your career on the best possible path.  If you’re serious about breaking into the field or improving your internet marketing skills, check out all of the follow resources for new marketers:

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Participating on social media websites can be an incredibly powerful way to engage with your local customers, while also ensuring that your website’s pages rank highly in the natural search results for your local and branded keyword phrases.  If you aren’t yet using these platforms as extensively as you could be, check out the following recommendations on how to get started.

General Guidelines

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