In today’s podcast we’re talking about SEO for e-commerce, and what you can do to optimize your e-commerce site to rank well and increase relevant traffic to your store.

  • 1:45: The differences between an e-commerce site and a regular website and how to deal with those differences by focusing on the right pages.
  • 4:30: The number one mistake people make when creating their e-commerce sites.
  • 8:20: The top factor on getting a site to rank well and how to bring that factor to your site.
  • 10:00: Thoughts on optimizing for mobile-friendliness to increase clicks.
  • 12:50: Recommended platforms to use for your e-commerce site.
  1. Tweeted this episode out. Some people binge Netflix. I binge Growth Mapping, Neil Patel’s Youtube channel, and Alex Berman’s Youtube channel.

    Sujan, I really like how the growth mapping episodes are so value packed. I used to listen to a lot of podcasts that were 45 minutes to an hour and rarely did they have as much value as a 15-minute episode of Growth Mapping.

    PS: I liked how at the end of the episode you said, “email us, social media us, show up at my door step…” I laughed, good stuff.

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