In this weeks podcast we look at how to market your business in 2018. It’s a new year and it’s time to consider new technologies, new channels of traffic, and other factors that might be new in 2018.

● 1:40: Voice search: Will Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa change how you market in 2018?
● 4:15: How the changing Google algorithms and search methods will impact how you leverage SEO and the way you work your site.
● 5:30: Thoughts on differentiating yourself through your brand, particularly through content marketing and education.
● 8:00: How you can have a mini personal brand built around one specific niche.
● 10:40: Some “old school” strategies that still work.

  1. Guys, like you, I’m watching the ‘voice search’ space for ideas in 2018. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this forward-looking topic.

    I’m experimenting with ‘Google Assistant’ on my smartphone and desktop. I’m wondering if educational content can rise to the top of ‘how-to’ related searches. And, will a text search deliver different results than a similar voice search? If so, why (i.e. triggers)?

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