Having a good marketer is essential to the success of your business. But how can you find a great one? Today we’re going to be talking about some of the questions you should ask during the hiring process.

●1:20: How you can tell the difference between people who know what they’re doing and people who just have a good online portfolio.
● 3:30: Why you should not necessarily be impressed with brand names on a resume.
● 5:20: Why some people who have had brilliant strategies at a large corporation might not work out well with a startup.
● 8:15: Tips on gauging how well the potential marketer will do in the real world.
● 9:50: Why team culture is an important factor.

  1. Sujan,

    Loved the reasoning behind hiring the people who just did what you look to accomplish. Never thought about t his way but it makes perfect sense. I guess this also applies for hiring business developers, HR, team leads and other roles.

    Thanks for the insights!


  2. I listened this podcast. It helped to improve my interviewing skills since I am an HR professional and I have to conduct multiple interviews every week. Thank you guys for discussing interviewing phase in detail. This will certainly help me draft some new interview questions for my upcoming sessions.

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