Today we’re going to talk about how to grow your business to one million dollars and beyond. A lot of people get stuck and aren’t sure how to reach that elusive 7-figure goal.

● 1:00: The method of breaking down your goal by month. In short, you need to reach $80K per month to reach one million dollars, so you need to decide how to get to that point.
● 2:30: The importance of breaking down your goal by the number of clients. How much does your typical client spend, and how many customers do you need to convert in order to reach $1M per year?
● 5:30: Evaluating what you need to do to get the traffic you need that will help you convert more visitors into customers, which will help you reach your goal.
● 10:00: Why size matters. How big is your market? How big is your channel? These make a difference.
● 11:30: Why niching down might not be the best strategy.