To be successful with content marketing in a competitive industry, you need to ensure you’re putting out the best content in that industry. In this episode, we discuss how you can break through the competition and become an industry leader.

● 1:20: Why it’s important to identify who is doing well in the industry by doing your own research and not believing what you see just by looking at competitors’ sites.
● 3:30: Why you shouldn’t consider your marketing competitors your actual business competitors: Look at those who are leading the industry itself.
● 7:20: Why skyscraping and 10X content work and why you should consider writing in-depth, updated pieces that are better than what currently exists.
● 9:15: Why voice and design are important: You can say the same thing as what’s out there but with a different attitude and an excellent design.
● 10:15: The 80/20 rule when it comes to creating content and promoting that content.

  1. Hey Sujan,

    Loved the bit on skyscraping and content creation.

    I’ve seen some success with long content (think 10k+ words). But the struggle is creating such content at scale.

    In your opinion, how much time/resources should a skyscraper content take to create?

    The last piece of skyscraper content I made took over 30 hours. Nearly 15 hours of writing + research and 15-20 hours on design. While the design is now a template (meaning we can replicate it for future content), it still doesn’t feel scalable.

      1. Wow. No wonder your stuff does so well. I’m likely not working hard enough at this stuff.

        Thanks for sharing Sujan. I now have a benchmark to aim for.

  2. Hey Sujan
    Thanks for this excellent piece. One of our students from 2 years ago- in the fiercely competitive arena of medicine- came to us in despair- for help.

    We preached exactly the same thing as you.

    The lady produces a 2000 word post (herself) every fortnight, together with images and video on each new page, and in 2 years- has achieved top rank for her most competitive keywords in the profession.

    What does she do differently?

    Her content is written as if to inform another medical practitioner at expert level- and also paraphrased as a layperson would understand it.

    She tells me: “Instead of querying price and reputation- new clients simply ask for the first available appointment”

    Thanks for the post.


  3. This is important to remember. I’m starting in a competitive niche and I’m taking care to make sure every bit of content has a lot of research and work done before it goes out. Mediocre content just doesn’t cut it.

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