Can you tell I’m excited about this weekend’s “The Dark Knight Rises” premiere?  Even after Monday’s post on how some of my favorite Batman quotes have led me to success with Single Grain, I’ve still got a few reflections on how the life of the series’ main character, Bruce Wayne, can teach us even more about business…

Lesson #1 – Don’t let past circumstances dictate your future

It’s hard to think of a worse start in life than to experience the horrifying death of your parents in the way that Bruce Wayne did.  But while he would have been entirely justified in sitting on his laurels the rest of his life – complaining what a bad deck of cards he’d been dealt – Bruce Wayne transformed his sorrow into a commitment to making Gotham City a better place for future generations.

Too many of us hold on to past injustices and allow these experiences to keep us trapped in the past.  Unfortunately, this serves no one – not you (though it can feel cathartic to complain) and not the people that could benefit from your un-taken actions.  Instead, it’s much better to use negative experiences in the past to be the change you wish to see in the future. Continue reading 11 Business Lessons from Bruce Wayne

Since I’m a huge Batman fan, in honor of this week’s “Dark Knight Rises” premiere, I thought I’d reflect back on a few of my favorite Batman quotes and share how they translate to the things that have made me successful in my own life.

Alfred: “Bruce, why do we fall?”
Bruce: “So we can pick ourselves up again.”

I like succeeding as much as the next guy, but the reality is that you’re going to fail at some point in your life – no matter who you are or what you do.  You’ll probably have a few little “whoopsies” mistakes, but you’re also going to have a few soul-crushingly huge failures that’ll leave you wondering if you’ll ever find your way again.

The key isn’t to try and avoid these situations – it’s to learn how to pick yourself up from your failures and learn the lessons needed to move forward effectively!

As much as I wish I could say that I’m the exception to this rule, I’m not.  I’ve failed hard, and I’ve failed often.  In particular, when I think about failure, I think about failing out of college when I was younger and less focused.  If I hadn’t been able to rebound from that moment – stronger and more motivated than ever – I definitely wouldn’t be the entrepreneur that I am today. Continue reading 10 Batman Quotes That Led My Company to Success

A lot of people dismiss meta descriptions as an outdated SEO tool – one that the search engines have long since devalued following years of keyword stuffing and other outright scams.  However, these people are missing out an incredible opportunity to present search users with a snippet of persuasive text and increase the odds of generating traffic back to their sites from the SERPs. Continue reading Boosting SERP Click Through Rates (CTR) with Persuasive Meta Descriptions

SEO strategy websites are notorious for doling out overly-general advice without taking the time to either explain why it’s important or offer concrete advice on how to implement these tips across your own web projects.


So today, we’re breaking the mold by dissecting the popularly-held belief that you should vary the anchor text used in your SEO back linking efforts in order to create a more natural-looking back link profile.  In this article, we’ll cover the theory behind this oft-cited piece of advice, as well as various experts’ take on the best way to control your back link anchor text for maximum SEO benefit.

Continue reading Controlling Your Back Link Anchor Text for Maximum SEO