I’m a big fan of slide decks. When done well, they’re an incredible channel for absorbing information without actually realizing how much ground you’ve covered or the volume of new knowledge you’ve taken in.

What’s more, you don’t have to be an award-winning designer to create your own. With the right tools and a little creativity, almost anyone can kick out a slide deck that looks good and is both informative and engaging. Just remember the golden rules – keep it authentic, rely on visuals more than text, tailor to your audience, tell a story, solve a problem, and limit each slide to only one idea – and try any one of these spectacular creation tools:

Create, upload to SlideShare, and release your baby to the world.

Slide decks are popular, easily shared, relatively simple to create, and one of the best ways to both distribute and assimilate information. Good for the goose, good for the gander.

That said, not all slides are created equal – and there’s no shortage of decks that just aren’t worth your time. So don’t waste it! I’ve done the heavy lifting for you and found 35 of the best marketing slide decks to watch and share.

1. Ross Hudgens – “Content Marketing in Boring Industries”

Content Marketing in Boring Industries from Siege Media

Are you tasked with using content to market a “boring” industry, and feeling envious of those who get to promote “fun” industries? This one’s for you.

These are the slides from Siege Media founder Ross Hudgens’ 2013 Moz webinar, in which he demonstrates how to turn any industry on its head and create on-topic content that people want to consume – whether it’s about puppies or paper clips. The deck may be a few years old, but it remains as fresh and relevant today as it was back then.

2. Mark Schaefer – “6 Questions to Lead You to a Social Media Strategy”

6 Questions to Lead You to a Social Media Strategy from Mark Schaefer

In 84 quick and snappy slides, Mark will help you establish:

  • Whether social media is likely to be an effective tool for marketing your brand
  • A voice for your brand
  • Where your customers are hiding
  • How to measure your success

Overall, it’s an excellent resource for anyone debating whether or not to begin incorporating social media into their marketing strategy (hint – the answer is “yes”).

3. We Are Social – “Global Statshot: Digital in Q3 2017”

Global Statshot: Digital in Q3 2017 from We Are Social

Another social slide deck for you. This one is a detailed resource that delves into the prevalence of social media usage (both on mobile and desktop platforms) across the globe.

This is seriously valuable stuff, whether you just want to know more about how people are utilizing social media in your corner of the world, or if you’re in the process of formulating a social strategy targeted at customers overseas.

It may seem too short at only 22 slides, but don’t let that fool you. These are the latest and freshest stats available on the digital sphere.

4. Constant Contact – “50 Expert Tips for Getting Started on Social Media”

50 Expert Tips for Getting Started on Social Media from Constant Contact

Another worthy read for anyone about to get started using social media for business (or for anyone who already knows their stuff, but just wants to pick up a few extra pointers).

Constant Contact asked 50 social media pros: “If you were to give a one-sentence tip to a small business owner just starting out with social media, what would you say?” Their straightforward, no-nonsense responses make up the bulk of this highly motivational deck.

There are heaps of valuable tips and actionable ideas inside, but my favorite has to be from Ann Handley (she of Marketing Profs fame, and one of the most influential people in the industry). She says, “Be useful to your audience. Think: Would people THANK ME for this? Is it meeting their needs, or just fulfilling my agenda?” Use that one piece of advice to guide you, and you’ll rarely if ever take a wrong step.

5. Motivate Design – “The What If Technique”

The What If Technique from Motivate Design

Is the growth of your business being held back by fear, tried-and-tested processes, or the resulting incremental changes? In 49 beautifully-illustrated slides, Motivated Design will show you how disruptive thinking can enable you to make BIG changes that will start driving real growth from within.

This is seriously clever stuff, yet it’s so simple you’ll wonder how you didn’t think of it yourself. And it works – if you’ve got the guts to take risks and make great things happen.

6. Mark Schaefer – “Secrets to Building an Actionable Audience”

Secrets to building an actionable audience from Mark Schaefer

The best audiences are the ones that take action. These are the people that don’t just view your content – they pass it on, and, all being well, turn into customers. Put the two together and you have seriously valuable brand advocates.

In this dynamic slideshow, 14 industry experts share their secrets to getting the eyes of an actionable audience on your brand. No matter how great your product or service, it won’t amount to a hill of beans if the right people don’t see it.

7. MNI Targeted Media Inc. – “7 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2017”

7 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2017 from MNI Targeted Media Inc.

What does the rest of 2017 have in store for the digital marketing industry? Where might it be heading in 2018? This deck aims to answer those questions and get you one step ahead of the emerging trends.

Trying to guess the next “it” tactic or channel is a lot like trying to predict the future: there’s a lot of hits and misses. MNI presents the facts and data that point us in the right direction with mobile, cross-device targeting, data, social media, influencer marketing, and more. Harness the trends before they pass you by.

8. Ed Fry – “How To (Really) Get Into Marketing”

How To (Really) Get Into Marketing from Ed Fry

Are you about to leave school or considering a career move into marketing? Demand for digital marketers has never been stronger, and will only get bigger. Set yourself up for success and check out this excellent intro to the world of marketing from Inbounder Ed Fry. Learn:

  • What marketing actually is
  • The diverse range of roles available
  • How to find a job in marketing by – shock! horror! – marketing yourself

Anything you can do to ease your transition into a new field is well worth the time and investment.

9. HubSpot – “The Top 10 Most Remarkable Marketing Campaigns EVER”

The Top 10 Most Remarkable Marketing Campaigns EVER from HubSpot

Remarkable is a rather subjective term, but the good folks over at Hubspot have a terrific track record and have earned the benefit of the doubt. If anyone recognizes exceptional marketing, it’s them. The deck is a few years old now, but a great campaign is a great campaign, period.

The short and succinct slideshow features ten outstanding marketing campaigns that will educate and inspire you to be more remarkable in your marketing too. As the saying goes, stand on the shoulders of giants.

10. HubSpot – “What Would Steve Do? 10 Lessons from the World’s Most Captivating Presenters”

What Would Steve Do? 10 Lessons from the World’s Most Captivating Presenters from HubSpot

Deliver an awe-inspiring presentation and you’ll make people sit up, listen, and remember you. It’s a foolproof marketing tool. But to be the best, you need to learn from the best.
Another shout out for the HubSpot team in this inspirational look at what we can learn from some of the world’s very best on-stage speakers.

11. SEMrush – “3 Ingredients to Spice Up Your Content Marketing”

3 Ingredients to Spice Up Your Content Marketing from SEMrush

We’re all looking to get better at selling, converting, marketing, connecting, and so on. This deck not only delivers some excellent advice and actionable tips to improve your content, but the entire thing – all 51 slides – are presented as a visually-stunning comic book. Who says decks are boring?

If you want an easy-to-follow but effective blueprint to create more compelling content, this deck won’t disappoint. If you want to experience how brilliant content can be, look no further.

12. Content Marketing Institute – “B2B Content Marketing: 2017 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends”

B2B Content Marketing: 2017 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends from Content Marketing Institute

Where better to look at the latest stats, data, and what everyone is doing – and not doing – than CMI’s highly-regarded annual report? It’s become one of the industry’s go-to sources for trends, budget allocations, tactics, and recommendations for B2B marketers.

Covering goals, metrics, distribution, commitment, strategy, usage, and more, this deck provides the answers to questions you may not have even thought to ask yet. Worth its weight in gold.

13. Content Marketing Institute – “B2C Content Marketing: 2017 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends”

B2C Content Marketing: 2017 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends from Content Marketing Institute

Of course, not all marketers are in the B2B game, so what good would the previous deck be? Enter the B2C version. While there may not be tremendous differences, it does provide the chance to compare the differences that do exist, and will give you the same impressive insight. Find out where and how your colleagues are reaching their targets.

14. HubSpot – “How to Suck at Marketing”

How To Suck at Marketing from HubSpot

Are you sending unsolicited, non-personalized emails? Stuffing keywords into your web copy? Or just throwing spaghetti at the wall as you try every possible strategy to get people to buy your products? Newsflash: you’re doing it wrong.

Learn how to become a brilliant marketer by, first of all, learning what not to do, in this brutally honest and smartly presented slide deck from the HubSpot team. Marketing may have changed in the past few years, but what to avoid has stayed remarkably the same.

15. Matt Siltala – “Why Visual Content Works”

Why Visual Content Works from Matt Siltala

Find out just how effective visual content really is (hint: very) in this charming Simpsons-themed presentation from Avalaunch Media’s president Matt Siltala.

16. Uberflip and Visually – “The Art of Visual Content and the Science That Makes it Convert”

The Art of Visual Content and the Science That Makes it Convert from Uberflip

This slide deck offers another look into the effectiveness of imagery in marketing, this time from the guys at Uberflip and visual content hub Visually. They reveal:

  • Why visual content works
  • How to figure out if your idea has legs
  • Proven guidelines for designing effective visuals
  • Examples of awesome visual content that’s gone viral

17. Robert Rose – “Experiences: The 7th Era of Marketing”

Experiences: The Seventh Era Of Marketing from Robert Rose

Do you think of content marketing as a relatively new, digital-only strategy? In this intro to his book of the same name, Rose demonstrates how content marketing has existed almost as long as marketing itself – albeit with rather different execution.

This forms the backdrop for a slideshow that illustrates how marketing today is rapidly evolving and how vital it is that modern marketers adapt to the changing needs of their audience. What’s your marketing plan for 2020?

18. Michael Brenner – “Tips, Tools, and Templates to Help You Build Your Content Marketing Strategy”

Tips, Tools, and Templates to Help You Build Your Content Marketing Strategy from Michael Brenner

It’s never too late to get started with content marketing. The only failure is if you never start. Marketing Insider Group CEO Brenner provides everything you need to get that strategy up and running today.

If you ever thought it was too late or too hard to get started, this deck is the resource you’ve been hoping for. Even if you have an existing content strategy, Brenner’s templates and tools might give you some new ideas.

19. Razvan Gavrilas – “Link Building in 2017”

Link Building in 2017 from Razvan Gavrilas

Link building may not get the press that it used to, but it’s still a crucial element of your marketing and SEO. It remains a key ranking factor for the search engines, but if you’re not careful, it can quickly land you with the dreaded Google penalty.

Entrepreneur Gavrilas gives you a simple, step-by-step guide on building safe links in 2017. Find out how to earn, influence, and monitor your links the right way.

20. Moving Targets – “Psychology Hacks to Boost Your Marketing”

Psychology Hacks to Boost your Marketing from Moving Targets

At its core, marketing is all about successfully tapping into the needs and desires of your target consumers. Or in other words – understanding the psychology of your audience.

Learn how to apply proven principles of psychology to your marketing in this eye-opening slideshow from Moving Targets.

21. HubSpot – “An Introduction to Podcasting”

An Introduction to Podcasting from HubSpot

A final inclusion from the brilliant team at HubSpot (yes, they keep popping up, but they really know their stuff when it comes to making awesome slide decks). This time, they cover most of what you’ll need to know before taking the plunge into podcasting. Namely:

  • Why podcasts are an effective marketing tool
  • Who’s listening to them (spoiler: 15%+ of Americans)
  • How to make your first podcast
  • How to measure and market your podcast

Variety is the spice of life. Make sure your marketing tactics include a wide variety of types and channels.

22. Sheena Iyengar – “Choosing Easier. How Businesses Can Improve the Experience of Choosing”

Choosing easier. How businesses can improve the experience of choosing. from Sheena Iyengar

Most of TED Talks’ content is well worth your time, and this slideshow is no exception. It’s super-short, but its message is invaluable. Consumers today are burdened with a surplus of choice – find out how to boost your brand’s success by applying the rule of “less is more.”

23. Kissmetrics – “Optimizing Your Content Marketing and Blogs for Conversions”

Optimizing Your Content Marketing and Blogs for Conversions from Kissmetrics

The team over at Kissmetrics knows a thing or two about conversions. And marketing. And blogging. Who better to toss some priceless tips and tricks your way on those very subjects?

The deck clocks in at 75 slides, but shares a wealth of insight on myths, how to get data-driven, and a case study to bring it all together.

It’s all about the conversions. Get them.

24. Mathew Sweezey – “The X Factor: The New Process for Building Better Content Faster”

The X Factor from Mathew Sweezey

Not to ruin it for you, but the X factor is agile content creation. Using the tips and ideas presented by Sweezey, you can create faster content with less effort. Sound too good to be true? This deck proves it.

25. Michael Stricker – “How to CRO Like There’s No Tomorrow”

How to CRO Like There’s No Tomorrow from Michael Stricker

If you’re not converting, nothing else matters. Not traffic, not likes, not shares, not opt-ins. Nothing. Digital marketing is a conversion game.

Stricker presents CRO as the 4 riders of the Apocalypse: war, famine, plague, and death. But don’t let that scare you. He walks you through an uncomplicated method for conversion optimization that anyone can use to get more of whatever it is you’re after. Get visitors engaged, reduce their options, and convert.

26. Bruce Kasanoff – “DO GOOD (Better)”

DO GOOD (Better) from Bruce Kasanoff

Giving back can be one of the best things you do for your brand – unfortunately, it’s not always easy to get decision-makers on board with your more charitable ideas.

In DO GOOD (Better), Bruce shows us how to improve our communication skills and presentation techniques in order to better articulate our ideas for simultaneously building a better brand and a better world.

27. Gianluca Fiorelli – “How to Create Buyer Personas”

How to Create Buyer Personas from Gianluca Fiorelli

You can’t market to anyone until you know exactly who you’re targeting. To do that, you need to create detailed buyer personas.

Fiorelli will take you on a guided tour of the questions to ask, the tools to use, and the ways to collect both qualitative and quantitative data to build buyer personas for your brand and your product.

Personas are a necessary step for any successful campaign. 71% of businesses that exceed their revenue and lead gen goals have documented personas. They can lead you to higher quality leads, shorter sales cycles, and better open and click rates.

28. Gavin McMahon – “Pixar’s 22 Rules to Phenomenal Storytelling”

Pixar’s 22 Rules to Phenomenal Storytelling from Gavin McMahon

I’m a huge advocate of leveraging storytelling in your marketing – and where better to learn how to tell an incredible story than from the masters of animated screenplay, Pixar? They know stories.

29. Salesforce – “The 2017 State of Marketing”

The 2017 State of Marketing from Salesforce Marketing Cloud

This isn’t the prettiest slide deck around, but it’s rife with interesting stats resulting from Salesforce’s recent “2017 The State of Marketing” survey.

3500 marketers took part in the project, and the results are a host of revealing insights into the processes of the modern marketer. Highlights include:

  • 57% of marketers believe AI is “absolutely” or “very” essential to delivering a gold-standard customer experience
  • Marketers say that 34% of their budget – on average – is spent on channels they didn’t know existed just five years ago
  • Top-performing marketers are 14x more likely to be heavy technology adopters versus underperforming colleagues

30. Rand Fishkin – “Why SEO That Used to Work, Fails”

Why SEO That Used to Work, Fails from Rand Fishkin

If you want to stay up to speed with the state of organic search, there are few people I’d recommend following more than the poster-boy for SEO – the brilliant Mr. Fishkin. Here, the Moz founder talks through why tried-and-tested SEO tactics are now more likely to result in a quick route to failure.

Basically, he suggests that:

  • Google favors trusted brands
  • The “easy” links aren’t worth it anymore, and the links that are worth it are tougher than ever to get
  • SEO won’t reap results on its own, and should be treated as part of a much larger, more holistic marketing plan

I’m only touching the surface here, so make sure to take a look at the full slide deck, then get yourself over to the Moz blog for lots more awesome tips and insights.

31. Hiten Shah – “Content Marketing Lessons From 10 Years and 41,525,103 Website Visits”

Content Marketing Lessons From 10 Years and 41,525,103 Website Visits from Hiten Shah

Hiten Shah, one of my former partners at Single Grain, boasts over 10 years’ digital and content experience and is jointly responsible (alongside the talented Neil Patel) for the creation of both KISSmetrics and Crazy Egg. So it’s “probably” safe to say he knows his stuff.

This slide deck features his pick of the most valuable content marketing tips, tricks, and lessons that he’s learned along the way.

32. Hiten Shah – “Using Analytics to Solve the Right Problems”

Using Analytics To Solve The Right Problems from Hiten Shah

Another great deck from Hiten Shah – here he demonstrates how to delve down to the nitty-gritty of your analytics data, identify the most cumbersome problems your customers encounter, and use this information to make informed decisions that drive positive changes to your web design and content strategy.

As he says of the slides, “You’ll learn how to think like a scientist, using a hypothesis-driven approach to design, and creating successful tests to help you improve your work through focused iteration.”

33. ELIV8 Business Strategies – “8 Free Types of Marketing Strategies”

8 Free Types of Marketing Strategies from Brian Downard

Who doesn’t love free stuff? There’s nothing revolutionary in this deck from ELIV8 Business Strategies, but it’s a great resource for anyone who’s relatively new to marketing.

It features clear, detailed breakdowns of the strategies it advocates – precisely what you need to be able to start putting the practices into action immediately.

34. Mattan Griffel – “Growth Hacking”

Growth Hacking from Mattan Griffel

If you’re a regular reader here, you’ll already know I’m a big advocate for growth hacking – why wait years for a brand to take off when you can apply clever marketing techniques that propel the growth of your company and the speed at which you start turning a profit?

This excellent deck from Mattan Griffel , CEO at One Month , details what growth hacking is and how you can apply proven hacking techniques to your business. This is accompanied by a number of real-world examples that will settle any arguments about whether or not this stuff actually works (spoiler alert: it does).

35. Jesse Desjardins – “You Suck at Powerpoint”

You Suck At PowerPoint! from Jesse Desjardins – @jessedee

And last but definitely not least, if you’re feeling inspired by all these fantastic slideshows and thinking about creating your own, then you need to check out one final slide deck. “You Suck at Powerpoint” is packed with actionable tips to help you, well, stop sucking at Powerpoint. The imagery used to illustrate his points is well worth a look.

Got another slide deck recommendation that didn’t make the list? Share your suggestions in the comments below:


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