Networking isn’t always at the top of our priority list. However, networking is an essential part of advancing your career. In this episode we look at how you can start taking action and grow your network today.

  • 1:10: How your network and your net worth go together and are intertwined.
  • 2:15: How you can get your network started by getting out of your comfort zone.
  • 4:15: How you can begin a relationship with bloggers, thought leaders, and influencers in your industry when it’s out of your comfort zone.
  • 6:40: Why having just one or two good people in your network can mean more to your net worth than the many people you don’t interact with or help much.
  • 8:45: One way to fit networking into your busy day or week.

Trying to kick start your content marketing campaign? In this episode we look at ways to improve content marketing efficiency and effectiveness. The lessons in this episode apply whether your a one-person operation or a large enterprise company.

  • 1:00: Some of the problems that larger companies with several different departments have when it comes to keeping their processes efficient.
  • 3:45: Why a brainstorming approach works better than having each department contribute to the blog by writing posts.
  •  5:30: Why not to talk about your own product or service all the time: Being self-serving is not providing value to others.
  •  8:50: The importance of communication: What to communicate and how to ensure that everyone is on the same page.
  • 14:15: Why you should start with an agency or a consultant to develop a strategy or process rather than try to develop something in-house.

As your business grows, it’s important to start thinking about scalable marketing strategies.  If you are at this point now (or will be soon), you won’t want to miss this episode!

  • 1:30: What scalable marketing is and what it is not, as well as why you need to start with non-scalable channels.
  • 6:15: Why you need to prove out what you’re already doing before you start on the scaling process, as well as how to start once you’re ready to begin the scalable strategy.
  • 8:30: Thoughts on why measuring what you’re doing is so essential and how often to check your progress.
  • 10:00: How to have a scalable mindset or a mental checklist of what to do when to keep yourself on track.

We all wish we could turn back time and do things differently at some stage or another in our lives. In this episode Aaron and I discuss the one thing that we wish we started working on a decade ago: our personal brands.

  • 1:30: Why Aaron wishes he’d worked more on building his personal brand on day one and talks about what he was doing instead.
  • 4:50: Why Sujan wishes he’d gotten out of his comfort zone earlier than he did when it came to growing his business.
  • 8:15: Why harder work leads to more luck and how that pertains to brand-building.
  • 10:20: Why being able to say no to things means that you’re achieving success.
  • 11:05: Things everyone can do to boost their branding.

Most of the companies I work with are relatively small players competing directly with large enterprise companies. There are a lot of obvious challenges here, especially in the world of SEO.

But small companies have a handful of advantages that – if leveraged correctly – can level the playing field and even tip the scales their way.

On this episode of the Growth Mapping Podcast, Aaron and I discuss how we help small business compete with enterprise businesses in SEO.

  • 1:50: Some of the advantages of being the underdog when it comes the ability to make changes.
  • 7:25: The correct ways to use backlinks and other strategies to boost your authority.
  • 9:10: Using local optimization as a small-business owner: what to focus on and why this can help you beat the big guys.
  • 11:10: Why you don’t have to create a lot of content if you focus on thought-leadership, promotion, and building ancillary content.

You could be leaving customers cold and money on the table if you’re still sending out generic, impersonal emails. Mastering a personalized email campaign can dramatically impact your bottom line. According to research from Aberdeen, personalized email messages improve click-through rates by an average of 14%, and increase conversions by 10%.

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Did you know your audience is 4x more likely to watch your video than read an article? In this podcast we share tips on how to leverage video marketing for your business.

  • 1:25: Why video is so popular and why people consume so much of it
  • 4:00: Factors to consider when putting together your video setup
  • 8:50: Some tools that you might use to promote your videos
  • 13:50: The preparation that goes into creating video content
  • 17.30: Why to consider getting a professional video editor

I first began working in internet marketing 13 years ago. Since then, I’ve taken on and grown more than 10 blogs to the 100K (and above) monthly visitors mark.

Doing this has played a critical role in the development of my own personal brand as well as the companies I’ve launched or been involved in growing. And it’s not just me.

B2B marketers that blog reportedly average 67% more leads than those that don’t, and are 13 times more likely to enjoy a positive ROI. (source)

Of course, simply having a blog and updating it occasionally won’t cut it. To leverage a blog for real results – whether that’s growing a personal brand or a business, or monetizing it for passive income – you need to aim big.

100K monthly visitors big.

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