17 Unexpected Places to Find Inspiration Content Ideas

content inspiration ideas

Content truly is king these days.  If you aren’t actively putting out blog posts, videos, interviews and other content pieces that build your brand and establish your authority, there’s a good chance you’re falling behind to a competitor who’s taking advantage of these powerful tools.

But that said, becoming a round-the-clock content creation machine isn’t easy.  Finding inspiration for all the different content pieces you should be producing can be challenging, which is why I’ve put together the following list of unexpected sources of content inspiration.  Stop back and read through the list whenever you need help! Continue reading

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A Comprehensive 7-Step Process for Launching Great Ideas

making good ideas happen

So you think you’ve come up with the next great idea?  Well, I hate to be harsh, but… so what??

The sad reality of the business world is that great ideas are a dime a dozen.  What separates the great entrepreneurs from their would-be competitors is whether or not they’re actually able to successfully execute their visions!

I’ve been through the ideation and company creation process a number of times, and I’ve come up with the following system for getting started on great ideas.  Depending on the specifics of your unique idea, you may not need all of the steps below or you might wind up tackling some of them in a different order.  But whatever the case may be, I hope you find this process helpful when it comes to launching your next venture! Continue reading

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10 Startup Expenses You Shouldn’t Waste Money On

wasting money

While I’m happy that Single Grain is now in a financial position to support two individual offices – both filled with full-time employees and the latest tech gadgets – I can easily remember back to the days when we were a bootstrapping startup like so many other companies out there today.

If you’re in startup mode yourself and haven’t yet received the million-dollar financing rounds you hoped for, you’re going to encounter plenty of temptations to spend money you don’t have.  If you want to keep yourself going and make it past that critical first-year hump, I’d highly recommend avoiding the following ten expenses until you’re on more stable financial ground. Continue reading

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A Guide for New Internet Marketers


Ready to launch a new career in the field of internet marketing?  Or maybe you’ve already logged a few years in the digital marketing industry and are ready to take your skills to the next level?

No matter what the case may be, I’ve got all the resources you need to succeed in this comprehensive guide.  I’ve condensed my nearly ten years of experience into recommendations I wish I’d had when I was first starting out – all to help you launch your career on the best possible path.  If you’re serious about breaking into the field or improving your internet marketing skills, check out all of the follow resources for new marketers:

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23 Must See TED Talks for Entrepreneurs

ted talks

I’m a big fan of motivational videos (which you probably already know if you read my post on my productive morning routine). Because of this, I’m hugely grateful to the TED Talks organization for putting out so much great material that inspires me and keeps me going on my toughest days.

If you’re new to TED Talks, finding great videos amongst the thousands that are out there can be challenging. That’s why I’ve put together the following list of my favorite 23 “must see” videos (note – I’ve added the run time beneath each video so that you can pick one to watch based on the amount of time you have available). Bookmark this page and then come back whenever you’re in the need for a little motivation! Continue reading

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Are You Leading or Managing?


When we talk about organizational structures, the words “manager” and “leader” tend to be used interchangeably.  However, these two roles are actually quite distinct – and both are necessary for a business to grow.

Take a second to think about Apple during the Steve Jobs era…  There’s no doubt that Jobs’ big ideas played a tremendous role in the company’s success, but he can’t take all the credit for Apple’s industry dominance.  Without managers to take his ideas and translate them into action items, the company might still be operating out of Job’s parent’s garage in Los Altos, CA.

Clearly, you need both a leader and one or more managers to work effectively.  Here are a few of the different characteristics you’ll find in these two groups of workers: Continue reading

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Everything You Need to Know About Managing a Remote Team

Remote work and the transition of employees from the cubicle to the home office is something of a hot topic in the business world right now.  But the truth is, the fact that Single Grain is a remote office with 15 people working from either their homes or one of our two physical offices didn’t happen because some business publication recommended we try it.  It actually happened entirely by accident. Continue reading

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The Secret to a Productive Day, Part I: My Morning Routine

As you’ve probably guessed from past posts on this blog, I’m big on “split-testing” my life.  Over the years, I’ve tried hundreds of different things to improve my productivity and make the most out of my days, and I eventually learned that – for me – it all comes down to a few things.

One of these things is having a good morning routine.  What you do in the morning sets the tone for the whole day – so much so that I believe it can make or break the day’s productivity.  If you waste your morning hours, there’s a good chance you’re going to waste the rest of the day as well.  But if you can start your day on a productive note, you’re much more likely to carry that attitude with you throughout the rest of the day.

With that in mind, I try to achieve all of the following every morning before I go into the office: love, inspiration, motivation, physical activity, childish fun (laughing), learning and an accomplishment.  Here’s what all that looks like when put together… Continue reading

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How I Battled A Burnout… And Won

Earlier this year, I found myself facing a pretty epic case of burnout.  I’d been giving Single Grain my all for more than five years and was struggling to keep up with all the changes that have been happening in the SEO industry recently.  On top of that, I watched another business venture of mine fail and even had to have surgery on my hand.  Ultimately, I reached a point where I felt like I couldn’t catch up – and that’s when the burnout settled in…

After fighting the feeling for a long time, I took a deep breath and decided to go for a long walk to clear my head.  Along the way, I came up with the following ideas to help me move forward in both my business and my personal lives.  They’ve made all the difference in the world to me, and I hope they help you get back on track whenever you find yourself feeling stuck. Continue reading

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How and Why You Should Build Your Personal Brand

If you run a business or startup, chances are you chose the path of entrepreneurship because of a great idea or a desire to make the world a better place with your unique innovation.  So why is it that any media attention you manage to capture seems just as interested in you – the entrepreneur – as it is in your product? Continue reading

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