Advertising on Facebook is becoming more and more difficult as more companies continue to invest more heavily in the platform. Find out some of the hacks you can use when advertising on Facebook to ensure maximum ROI.

  • 3:00: How organic reach has changed over the past few years and how to increase it for your page
  • 6:00 Reasons to love Facebook ads and some ways to maximize its impact on your reach
  • 8.25: How we use a lookalike audience and videos
  • 12:00: How to use Facebook ads for pixel-swaps
  • 16:15: How Facebook Live can fit into your strategy for boosting your reach

Speaking engagements are one of the most effective channels for building your personal brand. In this episode we discuss how to secure meaningful speaking gigs.

  • 1:25: How effective public speaking can be at distinguishing yourself
  • 4:20: Working your way up to the speaking circuit
  • 7:50: Getting noticed and specific strategies to get your first gigs
  • 14:33: Paid advertising, cold outreach and other methods to get more opportunities
  • 16:50: How to get better at public speaking

In 2014, research from the Content Marketing Institute found that webinars were among the 12 most frequently-used digital marketing tactics and – more importantly – among the five most effective.

Since then, they’ve been adopted by increasing numbers of marketers who are reporting better-than-ever results: research released by CMI last year found that 66% of B2B marketers are using webinars and that they now rate them as the second most effective content marketing tactic out there.

Webinars can help educate customers (and potential customers), build relationships, and drive sales. Of course, they’re only effective if people sign up and attend – and if they give your audience what they want and are expecting.

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Enterprise sales aren’t all about high-pressure tactics. In fact, when it comes to closing small deals and large deals, there’s not as much difference as you might think. Learn how Aaron and I close 7-figure deals for our agencies on this episode of the Growth Mapping Podcast.

  • 4:00: Why design matters when it comes to standing out and improving your chances of getting that big deal.
  • 5:15: Some credibility indicators: client logos, brands, being an authority in your niche.
  • 7:30: Ways to get media coverage, client logos, and so on.
  • 13:30: Thoughts on how software, business insurance, privacy policies, and other small details can help you close large deals.

Leveraged correctly, PR can work wonders for your company. In this episode, Aaron and I show you proven relationship-building tactics that will get your brand the right type of press.

  • 2:15: Why email pitches do not work, and what you should be doing instead.
  • 4:15: The importance of building relationships with influencers and top movers and shakers, as well as tips on how to do that.
  • 7:40: How to find and get in contact with important people in your industry.
  • 9:30: How to start a conversation with those influencers via social media.
  • 16:30: Some ideas for creating a quality website that will boost your credibility.

Selling a SaaS product is HARD. I know – I’ve been there – both as a buyer and a seller.

Consumers are spoiled by having so many choices, and getting noticed among the competition is really tough. Even if you get someone to visit your site and try out your product, the battle has only just begun.

You still have to turn them into a paying customer, and after that, you have to keep them.

If you’re running a SaaS business today, you need to be doing everything you can to nurture your leads – both before and after they convert.

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A step-by-step guide on how to build your personal brand from scratch, including how to gain credibility, build an audience, and prove your authority.

  • 2:15: The first step to take when developing your personal brand. What do you want to be known for?
  • 3:55: How you can gain credibility by immersing yourself in education pertaining to your knowledge base.
  • 6:15: The importance of knowing how to teach, where to teach, and where to write so you can make yourself well-known and boost your authority and credibility.
  • 9:00: Where to go to build an audience for your own blog: How guest-blogging can build your brand tremendously.
  • 12:00: How your content depth can prove your authority.

LinkedIn is great for earning leads, building your brand, getting more traffic, and much more. In this episode Aaron and I discuss how you can be a marketing superstar on the platform.

  • 2:30: Thoughts on prospecting through LinkedIn: How you can find the names, positions and locations that you want to target.
  • 7:00: Tips on publishing on LinkedIn Pulse.
  • 9:30: Experiences using LinkedIn PPC, including a discussion of the high costs and whether it’s worth it.
  • 11:00: Ideas for direct messaging campaigns: what works and what doesn’t.

If you’re considering starting a career in digital marketing, this podcast is for you. I talk about how I got started in digital marketing and how you can get started.

  • 1:30: How I started my first website: What motivated me and how I managed to handle obstacles.
  • 6:30: Aaron’s story about how he got started, what type of experience he had, and how he learned about online marketing from scratch.
  • 10:20: Different ways you can make money online, including affiliate marketing, consulting, coaching, and creating products.
  • 11:55: Places you can go and strategies to use to learn about digital marketing.
  • 15:00: The next steps after you learn a lot of information, and how to find opportunities to get experience.