How to Audit Your Content Marketing Strategy

content audit

Looking for a wild way to spend your evenings, or a fascinating project to really dig your teeth into at work?

Well… conducting a content audit isn’t it.

Auditing your website’s marketing content isn’t a glamorous activity, but it’s an absolutely critical part of getting the most out of your content marketing campaigns. A content audit will tell you what’s working for you, what isn’t, and where your opportunities lie to further leverage the content you’ve already created.

It’s a worthwhile activity, if not necessarily an exciting one.

Step #1 – Identify Your Campaign Goals

Now, before we get into the meat of the content campaign auditing process, there’s one preliminary step you need to take that will determine how you approach the following actions. You need to start by figuring out what the goal of your audit is.

There’s no “one size fits all” approach to content auditing, so the specific steps you take and the level of complexity you invest in each of them will depend on what you’re hoping to get out of your audit. Any of the following could be potential goals:

  • Determine what types of content to create next. Analyzing the past performance of your current content according to the metrics you choose will give you plenty of ideas for filling out your content calendar.
  • See where your competitors are beating you. If you’re lagging behind your competitors in content performance, comparing your existing content to theirs should give you ideas on where you can improve.
  • Justify your expenses to your boss. If your manager isn’t convinced that content marketing is paying off relative to its investment, auditing your content is the only way to show how your efforts have performed.
  • Figure out where to begin a paid content marketing campaign. In my opinion, native advertising is a tool that all marketers must get comfortable with in order to counteract the tremendous amount of noise online. But before you undertake any kind of paid campaigns, you need to know which of your current content pieces are performing best to determine where your dollars will be better spent.
  • Plan for a website redesign. If you’re changing things up on your website, listing your current content will show you where you need to setup URL redirects, as well as give you ideas about the past content pieces you might want to display more prominently on your new site.
  • Evaluate your guest author efforts. If your site uses multiple guest authors (free or paid), measuring the success of their work relative to each other will show you who to work with in the future and who to let go.

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13 Resources to Answer All Your Social Media Questions

Social media marketing seems like it should be intuitive, but anybody who’s ever run a campaign knows that this seemingly-simple technique becomes much more complex in execution.

Whether you’re new to social media or have been connecting with followers online for some time, you’re bound to have questions about how to make your campaigns as effective as possible – and you’ll find the answers in the links below: Continue reading “13 Resources to Answer All Your Social Media Questions”

17 Killer SEO Resources

seo 2015

I wrote recently that I see major changes in store for SEO in 2015, as this once-independent technique gets rolled into other online marketing strategies in response to search engine changes and the way brands must fight to stay alive in this increasingly-competitive digital landscape.

So what should you do to prepare for SEO this year?  Take a look at the following tutorials to get up-to-speed! Continue reading “17 Killer SEO Resources”

7 Tools to Help You Take Your Email Marketing to The Next Level

It’s 2015 and it’s clear that email marketing still works. In fact, in 2014, email marketing was ranked the best marketing channel for return on investment (

Unfortunately to many businesses, email marketing still looks like this:

  1. Collect emails, usually from a blog.
  2. Send newsletters with new blog posts.
  3. Hope that newsletter subscribers become customers. 

But this is just the tip of the email marketing iceberg.

To get bigger returns from your email marketing, you need to take things to the next level. So we’ve put together a list of seven tools to help you get more from your email marketing campaigns.

  1. Autosend – Wouldn’t it be great if you could read your customers’ minds to find out what they want? Unfortunately you can’t, but Autosend comes pretty close. Autosend helps you send automated emails and SMS messages to your customers based on what they do (or don’t do) on your website. For instance, anytime a customer doesn’t complete a purchase or looks at your FAQ page longer than the average customer, Autosend tracks this and sends a personalized email or text message to help before they ask.

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16 Killer Content Marketing Resources All Entrepreneurs Need


Content marketing is here to stay, so if you’re working on your 2015 game plan, make sure to include the following articles in your “must read” list.  Whether you’re looking for ways to stretch a single blog post topic into a meaty five-piece series or you’re wondering when to publish your posts for maximum effect, you’ll find answers to these questions and more in these 16 killer content marketing resources: Continue reading “16 Killer Content Marketing Resources All Entrepreneurs Need”

50 Promotion Tactics To Include In Your Content Marketing Strategy

content promotion

You’ve slaved away over your site’s content marketing pieces – don’t let that effort go to waste by failing to give your creations the promotional bump they need to get found!

Promoting your content isn’t nearly as fun as creating it, but it’s a vital part of content marketing success.  And since there’s no “one size fits all” promotional approach that will suit all businesses, I’ve compiled 50 expert tips on different strategies you can use to get your content seen.  Read on for suggestions from some of today’s top marketing experts, as well as techniques drawn from my own experience in digital advertising: Continue reading “50 Promotion Tactics To Include In Your Content Marketing Strategy”

100 Actionable Tips To Grow Your Startup

My friend, Rob Wormley and I were bored this past christmas so we decided to get together and do something productive. After a bit of brainstorming and a going back and forth on a few dozen ideas we decided to write an e-book on growth.

Over the last 12 years I’ve helped tons of companies grow their traffic and revenue. The only way I was able to do it was by trying and testing hundreds of tricks, tactics, and hacks all aimed at spurring growth. A lot of what I tried didn’t work, but every so often I’d stumble across something great—something that really helped move the needle in big ways for the companies I was helping.

This e-book is a compilation of those growth tactics. Rob & I busted our butts to make the tips actionable and straight to the point. I want to offer my readers the first 26 tips of my book for free. Download it here

What people are saying:

“Sujan’s brilliance shines and his true desire to help an impact others is refreshing. There are much more than just 100 days of growth packed into this great resource.”

- Matt Greener, Digital Marketer

Sujan & Rob nailed it. Their tips are short, to the point and most importantly, actionable. It’s the best few bucks you’ll ever spend!

- Neil Patel, co-founder of Crazy Egg & KissMetrics

If you want to grow your business and can devote a 100 days to executing the tactics you’ll get from my ebook then buy my e-book.
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17 Resources to Help You Learn and Master CRO

There are more than 1 billion websites live today, which means that if you want yours to stand out, you’ve got to invest time and energy into creating an experience that will draw in visitors and ultimately convert them into customers.  The way you do this is with conversion rate optimization (CRO) – a process by which you make changes and test different elements on your site with the goal of increasing overall conversions.

Ready to get started with CRO?  Here’s a great collection of links to start you off on the right foot: Continue reading “17 Resources to Help You Learn and Master CRO”

15 Predictions About What SEO Will Mean in 2015


I have already started making my New Year’s resolutions.  Maybe that’s a bit early – but I like to get a head start on things.  2015 is going to be a great year for our company and one of the key things I am doubling down on this year is SEO.  That used to be a very black and white answer – you say, “I’m doing SEO” and people just knew what you meant. But, now it is blending with all of the other marketing disciplines.  We are being pushed and molded into T-shaped marketers – and I couldn’t be happier about it.  So in 2015 – I wanted to be ready to take the full package of SEO and make it so effective that it knocked the socks off our investors.  In order for me to do that – I reached out to 16 SEO experts that knew way more than I did so I could figure out what their predictions were.  I want to share those predictions with you so you can crush it this year too.

Prediction 1: Don’t Break Up With Google

“SEO is already hard to define: It will get even harder ultimately meaning “Anything that helps online visibility”:

1. Companies are going to invest more and more in promoting content pages (versus landing pages). The conversion types are going to get more varied, the conversion funnels are going to get more complicated.

2. With huge brands investing more in creating content assets, it will be more difficult to stand out. Experimenting with different types of multi-media and interactive content types may be the answer, for now. Building your own community of listeners (who are ready to spread your word) is a necessity.

3. Links are going to still be the big thing in 2015. We see no signs of Google moving away from that signal. We see no signs of Google stopping the link-removal and link-disavow madness (fueled by manual penalties in the first place). As a result, more and more companies will need link-building and especially link-removal help. Hence, unfortunately, 2015 will not be the year of “natural links”…

4. Companies are going to look for “other” way to build online visibility beyond search. Depending on Google is not a reliable business model and we’ve seen lots of examples of that. I don’t mean breaking up with Google. Nor do I mean that you need stop caring about SEO best practices (no way!) I mean: balance and diversify. Google traffic is neither free nor reliable and losing it may be too drastic. Invest in building your email lists, creating your communities, turning customers into brand advocates and bringing up in-house niche celebrities: Anything and anyone you can rely on for promotion, branding awareness and word of mouth.” — Ann Smarty (@seosmarty) – Owner, Continue reading “15 Predictions About What SEO Will Mean in 2015″

How to Leverage Influencers to Build Your Brand


Having trouble getting your message noticed online? Unfortunately, cutting through the internet’s increasingly noisy atmosphere is a common problem facing brands these days, as consumers have learned to both ignore online advertisements and distrust the ones that do break through to their consciousness.

So what’s the solution? If banner ads or traditional media buys aren’t getting you the results you want, it’s time to start leveraging influencers to help grow your business.

Simply put, influencers are those that, well, influence others to action. They might be traditional print authors, bloggers, industry leaders, consultants, media figures or others in occupations that put their opinions in front of an audience. Think about your own field of expertise. Are there any company leaders whose careers you follow? Any bloggers whose recommendations you’re quick to act on? These are the influencers whose eyes you want to catch.

That said, there’s a big difference between identifying the influencers in your field and actually getting them to promote your brand or product to their followers. Here’s everything you need to know about finding these authority figures and leveraging them to get your message heard…

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