100 Day Fitness Challenge

After a few years of working out, my friend Chris Hooley & I got bored at the gym, so we decided to challenge ourselves a little differently…to push our boundaries, test our endurance and change things up. I know there are other fitness junkies out there like us that want to push their limits. To those, I challenge you!

Below are the first 30 of a 100 day fitness challenge.  You will fail at some of these challenges, but that’s okay as long as you give it your all (I estimate a 75-80% success rate).

  • Chest/Arms – 1,000 push-ups in a day
  • Shoulders/Back – 100 pull-ups in a half hour
  • Back/Legs – 100 good mornings at 100lbs in a half hour
  • Shoulders/Back – 100 headstand pushups
  • Core – 500 sit ups in a day
  • Cardio – Spend 60 minutes on the stair stepper machine
  • Arms – 250 tricep dips in a day (not chair dips, full body weight)
  • Arms – 100 dumbbell curls in a row (20 pounds if you weigh under 150 or over 230,30 pounds for everybody else)
  • Core – Planks for 5 minutes
  • Chest/Arms – 1500 push-ups in a day
  • Upper Body – 10 Muscle Ups in a half hour (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJX1pxL-NMo)
  • Chest/Core – 100 plank to push-ups in a row
  • Legs – 500 Squats in a day
  • Cardio – Burn 1000 calories on an elliptical machine
  • Core – 250 Mountain Climbers in a sitting
  • Arms – 50 Diamond Pushups in a sitting
  • Core – 500 Burpees in a day
  • Legs – 100 Lunges in an hour
  • Shoulders/Back – 30 Pullups in a row
  • Cardio – Burn 1250 calories on an elliptical machine
  • Core – 300 Leg raises in an hour
  • Shoulder/back – 100 wide grip pulls up in an hour
  • Legs – 500 Lunges in a day
  • Core – 1000 Mountain Climbers in a day
  • Cardio – Burn 1500 calories on an elliptical machine
  • Core – 100 Bear Crawls in a sitting
  • Back – 100 Inverted Rows in an hour
  • Leg/Core -100 Squat Jumps in an hour
  • Upper Body – 10 Front Lever (http://www.beastskills.com/front-lever/)
  • Legs – 100 Jumping Lunges in an hour

If you can get through these then I’ll post the next 70 day of challenges. Good luck!


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