Sujan has a mind for marketing, from Growth Hacking to Branding & SEO to Distribution, that is absolutely unparalleled!


  • Chad Halvorson
    Chad Halvorson
    CEO of When I Work
    Sujan is the by far the most growth-driven marketer I've ever worked with. His aggressive go-to-market attitude redefines demand generation as a unique competitive advantage for the companies he works with, not just a growth strategy.
  • Noah Kagan
    Noah Kagan
    CEO of
    Sujan is 1/2 mad scientist and 1/2 content master. Definitely someone I go to for marketing advice and always walk away with gold nuggets of information.
  • “Ty Magnin
    Ty Magnin
    Director of Marketing,
    Sujan Patel is a marketing legend! Whether on stage, online, or in-person, his no B.S. approach cuts through the noise and delivers high-quality, creative, and prescriptive ideas that seem to work—at least for me—every time.
  • “Jason
    Jason Amunwa
    GM of
    Sujan is one of those rare mad geniuses who is constantly tinkering with and innovating the mechanics of marketing. He helped me discover game-changing techniques that I never would have found myself, and which I now apply to my work almost daily. Partner with Sujan to upgrade your understanding of marketing in ways you never even thought of.
  • “Jason
    Max Altschuler
    CEO of
    Sujan is a marketing powerhouse, He has deep knowledge growth and content marketing and uses that blend not only to grow his businesses but help others do the same.
  • Sumant Sridharan
    President, CafePress
    Sujan is one of the best, if not the best, SEO marketer I have had an opportunity to work with.
  • “Jason
    Ryan Farley
    Co-founder of Lawn Starter
    When it comes to marketing, Sujan is the best.  I’ve never met someone with such creative tactics and deep domain knowledge not just in one channel, but in every flavor of marketing.  From content, to scrappy guerrilla tactics, to PR, Sujan always blows my mind with what he comes up with.
  • Ashli N.
    Co-founder, Autosend
    A good marketer gets you seen by your target audience. A rockstar marketer gets customers in the door begging to pay you. Sujan is a rockstar marketer!
  • Brandon Wentland
    Creative Director of @optimaldm
    Sujan is an incredible resource. Definitely knows his SEO and was able to give some sound and timely advice.
  • Paul Boyce
    Founder, Popcorn Metrics
    When it comes to inbound marketing, Sujan really knows his stuff. When we were getting started with Inbound Marketing, Sujan gave up his own to time review and provide valuable feedback on our early content. This is the kind of attitude that makes Sujan awesome.
  • “Johnathan
    Johnathan Dane
    CEO of Klient Boost
    The content marketing knowledge he’s shared with us has made us a go to PPC blog in just a few months. Don’t get me wrong, it’s hard work, but so is anything worthwhile.
  • Durrell Leak
    Co-founder, Stost
    Sujan is a fire brand Marketing and Sales person. Pleasant to deal with; driven with passion for numbers; keeps up commitments.
  • Danny Tran
    SEO Manager, Quinstreet
    Sujan has helped me build and grow my career in the internet marketing field. He has taught me almost everything that I know about SEO. His experience and guidance has been invaluable.
  • Ross Hudgens
    Founder, Siege Media
    Sujan was vital to helping me grow my career. He showed me what it takes to succeed - his own track record of success and portfolio of great connections were integral to springboarding me to growth in the internet marketing space. I would recommend learning under him to anyone.
  • Jason Delodovici
    Marketing & Media Relations, When I Work
    Some people say that Sujan is what one would call a "job creator" but I call him a "career developer." He personally developed and shaped my skills as a well rounded digital marketer. His scrapy / savvy Internet marketing techniques are what actually move the needle and drive results.
  • Kathy Yeung
    GM of Traffic,
    Sujan has a strong in-depth knowledge and experience in the SEO industry. And further capitalizes on this knowledge by constantly testing new ideas and thinking “out-of-the-box”
  • Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré
    Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré
    SaaS Consultant & Customer Success Evangelist
    Sujan is a marketing maverick. Whether it's a late-night content marketing brainstorm, an innovative Growth Marketing campaign, or a review of trending SaaS tools; Sujan is the go-to person for consistent creativity and industry knowledge.
  • William Harris
    VP of Marketing, Dollar Hobbyz
    I learned more about growth from Sujan in 5 months than I learned in my entire career and college combined. He has a way of making hyper growth seem incredibly easy and algorithmic. You simply plug this in here, pull this lever and grow. I still work with him on a daily basis and I’m always blown away by his insight.
  • Sezgin Hergul
    Sezgin Hergul
    Head of Marketing, UsabilityTools
    Sujan showed me a handful of content marketing tricks that helped me 3x our traffic. He definitely is the maestro of inbound marketing!
  • Lincoln Murphy
    Chief Evangelist, Gainsight
    Sujan has a mind for marketing - from Growth Hacking to Branding and from SEO to Distribution - that is absolutely unparalleled. His marketing prowess is only exceeded by his entrepreneurial drive and his willingness to go the extra mile not just for himself, but for his clients, colleagues, and friends.