Do you want a career in a high-growth industry in which both skilled professionals and dedicated individuals with a drive to learn are in high demand?

A career in an industry that values diverse skill sets, from creatives to analysts, mathematicians, and techies?

A career in an industry that could land you your choice of in-house or agency roles, but also lends itself to remote working and freelancing?

Then digital marketing could be the path for you. Intrigued?


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I dedicate this year to the people around me and teams I have had the privilege of working with.

Team: Colin Mathews, Alex & Paul, Robert Senoff, Jerad Maplethrope, Matthew & Daniel from Quuu, Kumar, Scott, Mark Lindquist, Cat Dix, Sophie, Nick, Tam and the list goes on..

Awesome People: Hana Abaza, Ty, David Nihil, Max Alt, Peep Laja, Neil Patel, Benji, William Harris, Rob, Sol (Aka Cookie Monster), Dan Martell, Oli Gardner, Johnathan Dane, Arjun Arora, Trent G, Morgan Brown, Noah Kagan, Hiten Shah and the list goes on

Each person contributed to my personal growth and influenced my decision or direction.

The Crazy:

  • Clarity. This year everything I was doing over the last few year started to click and make sense. I saw a clear path to achieve what was once broad & lofty goal.
  • Fun: Even though I worked harder than ever I had the most fun I’ve ever had
  • Fuzzy mission statement from 2014 and from my childhood became solidified
  • Replaced my skydiving hobby with buying & growing businesses (somehow I got bored of skydiving and I found the challenge of growing companies and all the hard work that goes into it to be fun)
  • Acquired 3 companies:, and Confidential (Shopify app)
  • Started a new agency: Web Profits
  • In negotiation for book deal (2018 publish date)
  • Created 56 videos. My last video shoot I created 7 videos in 58 minutes (record breaking)
  • I spent over 100 days on the road.
    • Absorbed some of the Aussie culture
  • Gave a talk at Stanford and convinced 1 student pursue his dreams.
    • His startup raised 3.5 million dollars
  • Broke bread with hundreds of smart people

The Good:

  • Learned to say NO! I say No to most things these days.
  • 392 Consulting Leads – Web Profits/SP Consulting
  • 8219 SaaS Trials
  • 2900 backlinks to and all my sites
  • I personally get 100 mentions a month (3.2x increase)
  • My content generated 8.7 million pageviews
  • 29 Speaking engagements:
  • 2 speaking tours:
    • 11 Workshops in Sydney & Melbourne
    • 6 talks in 5 weeks (SF, LA, Sydney, Ottawa, SF)
  • pivoted to
  • Bought my dad a Telsa Model S instead of being douchy and buying myself a Ferrari.
  • 100 Days of Growth Book passed 40,000 copies sold

The Bad:

  • I pushed myself beyond my limits. It was emotionally taxing.
  • had a major outage that took 3 months to fix.
    • Because of the issue we lost 30% over night.
    • Jerad released a fix and we regained 80% of them in the last 10 days
  • FOMO. Because I say No to a lot of opportunities

The Ugly:

  • Gained 23 lbs since 12/31/14
    • Start: 130lbs
    • Current: 153lbs (double chin status)
  • Got sued for a patent infringement from a failed mobile app in 2014 🙁
  • Spent more on legal fees than on having fun
  • Spent way too much time in airports & on planes

Next Year:

  • Health: Diet & Exercise
    • I refuse to gain anymore weight
  • More Fun
    • Recently bought a Porsche 911 GT3 and signed up for 6 track days at Circuit of the Americas in Austin
    • Have a 4 day snowboard trip planned in January
  • I’m learning how to add humor to my public speaking
  • Help more people. Advisor, webinars, podcasts and increasing my transparency
  • 2 books
    • 1 on growth marketing in 2017
    • I’m currently working with a publisher for 2018 release. Early title is called: UnderdogS
  • Growth SaaS businesses by 3x (it’s simple, doable but freaking hard)

What’s your highlights & lowlights of 2016 and plans for 2017?

One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.

Admittedly that stat is a little questionable, but there’s no arguing against its message: video content is powerful stuff.

So powerful that it has fast become my favorite form of content.

Here’s why.

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Brainstorming has been in use since the 50s, when Alex Osborn decided that the best way to generate ideas and find solutions to problems was to collaborate with your team. The general idea entailed a group of people sitting in a room together, sharing their ideas, and using one another as “springboards” for better ideas.

Osborn truly believed in his method, saying that “Brainstorming should enhance creative performance by almost 50% versus individuals working on their own.”

Unfortunately that figure’s unfounded, and there is actually very little proof that “traditional” brainstorming helps produce any more or any better ideas than the same people would produce if left to “brainstorm” alone.

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There are lots of reasons you might want to find trending content, including:

  • Getting inspiration for your own content production
  • Finding interesting, relevant content to share with your audience (i.e. on social media)
  • Keeping up to speed on what sort of topics are (or are not) currently popular within your industry

Staying on top of trending content gives you an edge. People are more likely to follow you and listen to what you have to say if you’re consistently sharing or producing quality content that your audience cares about. Bonus points for being among the first to share or comment on this content – you may be seen as a trend-setter or thought leader.

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These two artists are my top favorite musicians, if not my favorites. I love the music they produce for how it makes me feel, but I also know the work they put into their tracks and videos. I’m a fan of hard work and innovation, and I love that both Jay Z and Taylor Swift have developed such an influential presence from their own labors.

Content marketing is hard work as well, but I know that many of us can admit to letting things slide and resting on our laurels. You fall into a pattern of content creation that mimics a production line and you wind up churning out mediocre content that does OK.

But do you think either of these artists got where they are by just falling into a cycle of mediocre work? There’s a lot to be learned from what they’ve accomplished that can help you punch up your content marketing efforts.

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Content marketing has grown into a vastly competitive landscape with more marketers and organizations creating content than ever before – and those numbers continue to rise. With more than 68% of content marketers pushing for original content over licensed content, having the right tools at your disposal can have a big impact on the visibility of your content and the number of leads it generates.

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Athletes from around the world are heading to Rio for the Olympics, and I can’t even begin to imagine the number of people making the trip to watch the events in person. If you haven’t already booked travel for it, then you’re probably going to follow the events through social media, like I am.

I’ll be tuned in to the official Olympics Twitter profile, ESPN, and a host of other social channels to get my fix. But I’ll also check out the social feeds of some of the Olympic contenders.

Not all of them, mind you: the U.S. alone (Team USA!) sends hundreds of athletes to compete for the gold. But I’ll be paying close attention to some of them for their clever use of social media. I’m also excited to see how competitors from other countries use the newest platforms and updated features to keep in touch with their audiences.

A lot of them are building an impressive following.

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