Recently, I bought a new BMW M3, both to commute around San Francisco and to race (guess which one I like better??).  And while my business success allowed me to buy the car of my dreams this time around and made the process of car shopping a lot more enjoyable, I’ve had plenty of different experiences – both good and bad – with car salesman throughout my life.

It’s certainly not a job that I’d ever want to try my hand at, but I believe that there’s a lot you can learn from the men and women in this profession.  The following are just a few of the lessons I’ve picked up from my past experiences shopping for cars: Continue reading 10 Things I Learned from Car Salesmen

Of course I know that you can’t really speed up time.  Life isn’t some cheesy 80s movie montage where inspirational music blasts as you accomplish incredible feats in a few short minutes.

But did you ever notice that there are people out there who do get a hell of a lot more done than you do?  People who have started companies, climbed mountains or completed charitable missions – all while you struggle to find the energy just to make it to the gym a few times a week?

While you might not be able to increase the amount of time you have or make time move slower, you can definitely improve the ways in which you use the time you’ve been given.  Check out these tips for a few ways to live life 3x as fast as normal. Continue reading How to Live Life 3x as Fast as Normal

Yeah, so I know that Apple kind of blew it on the iPhone 5 launch.  It’s not that sales numbers weren’t good (as usual, they were very, very good!).  Instead, Apple screwed up by releasing products that weren’t yet fully-formed (I’m looking at you, Maps!) – something that never would have occurred in Steve Jobs’ Apple.

However, if we look past these small missteps, there are still plenty of important lessons that can be taken from the way Apple has grown to dominate different elements of both the mobile device and personal computer marketplaces.  These lessons can be applied to just about any business – no matter what your budget is or what industry you’re in.  I hope you find them interesting! Continue reading 7 Lessons to Take Away from Apple’s Marketing Strategy

This summer marks both my 10th year out of high school and my 10th year working in the digital marketing world.  I always like to use milestones like these to reflect on where I’m at in my life, and one thing that always comes up for me is just how useless some of the things we’re taught in school actually are.  I mean, is it really more important to learn cursive writing than personal finance?  Or to spend time preparing for standardized tests rather than learning project management skills?

With these deficiencies in mind, the following is a list of fifty lessons that I wish today’s schools would put more emphasis on.  You might not agree with all of them, but I hope they at least get you thinking about how we can improve both the educational system and the lessons we carry from it. Continue reading 50 Lessons I Wish I’d Learned in School

Traditional social media marketing activities – including reaching out to new followers, posting engaging content to your company’s profile and using the service to build relationships with industry experts – all have their place in a good website promotion campaign.

But what happens when you’ve reached the limit of what’s possible using these tactics alone?  What if you’ve seen a leveling-out of the number of new Twitter followers you’re able to reach, or you’ve scheduled as many future tweets as you’re comfortably able to do?

If you’ve explored all of Twitter’s standard offerings, it may be time to take things to the next level with Twitter Advertising! Continue reading How Businesses Can Market & Advertise on Twitter

Given the competing demands of owning a business, managing a team of employees and trying to keep my personal life together, I spend an average of about 4-5 hours a day answering email messages.  I answer emails while I’m in and out of calls, sitting in meetings or working from coffee shops, using everything from my iPhone to my Android phone, my iPad and my computer (though most of my email activities are carried out on mobile devices these days). Continue reading 15 Email Hacks to Increase Productivity

Let me ask you a question: are you looking to hire a link builder to help rank high in search engines? Links pointing to your website or blog are easily one of the most important elements to helping you improve your rankings. Or perhaps you want to become a link builder, and tap into the high demand for and dollars being spent in this sector of SEO.

Either way, it helps to understand what separates an average link builder from a world-class one. This guide should help you. Continue reading 7 Traits of a World-Class Link Builder

For some reason, when talking about business and entrepreneurship, people tend to separate themselves into “productive do-gooders” versus “procrastinating slackers.”  Those in the latter camp often say, “I could never be motivated enough to run my own business” – this completely contradicts the fact that productivity is a learned skill, just like any other!

Just like you can learn to ride a bike or read a book, you can learn to be more productive.  To get you started, take a look at the following list for a few of my favorite techniques: Continue reading Top 50 Productivity Tips for Entrepreneurs

This is probably no surprise to you, but the mobile search volume is rapidly growing. Google says as much in their book: “Don’t think of mobile search as something out in the future. Mobile search is here right now.”

So what does that mean for you as a business owner? Well, I actually think its good news. It means you can go from small business to big. You can go from good business to great. But you have to get mobile SEO right. When you do you gain and increase traffic, which leads to profits.  For the stat geeks, here are some numbers around mobile search: Continue reading The Mobile Optimization Cheatsheet