How to Regain Control of Your Work/Life Balance

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you already know how much I love living in San Francisco and participating in its startup culture that values hard work and productivity on projects that have the potential to change the world in some positive way.

Unfortunately, one of the issues that I see all too often in this city is the tendency to become so wrapped up in these exciting work projects that the concept of a fulfilling personal life falls entirely to the wayside.  If you’ve ever found yourself checking email before you’re even out of bed, leaving the office so late that it’s technically the next day or turning down plans with friends to get in a few more hours of work, you already know what I mean!
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I don’t know about you, but I’m sick to death of all the articles out there that beat the principles of time management into the ground without even once referring to the importance of proper energy management!

Here’s the deal…

Too many time management practices treat time as if it’s an infinitely manageable resource – as if, by simply scheduling your allotted hours more effectively, you’ll be able to maximize your productivity and get more done than ever before.  But as anybody who’s ever tried to implement a rigorous new schedule just because some nameless, faceless productivity guru recommended it knows, it just isn’t that simple!
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As a business owner, finding a balance between managing your employees and handling your business priorities can be a challenge.  After all, you had plenty to do before you had an office full of employees – now you’ve got even more to do to ensure that your entire business continues to run at peak productivity.

Unfortunately, viewing employees as drains on your time instead of as powerful resources that must be managed appropriately leads to low morale, which – in turn – leads to higher turnover and lower productivity.  Instead of falling victim to this over-worked, over-tired mindset, it’s your job as a boss to inspire your employees in order to get them to bring their best selves to your office.
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For many companies, search engine optimization is one of those things that’s perpetually on the “to do” list – but always gets bumped off in favor of higher priority projects.  And really, this is totally understandable!  After all, as a business owner or professional, you’ve got tons of competing demands on your time – all of which play a vital role in your organization’s success.

However, this mindset turns into trouble if you fail to seek out other opportunities to have this important SEO work completed on your website.  Failing to implement the latest SEO best practices could have a serious impact on your website’s overall performance, resulting in traffic decreases, potential penalties and lost revenue.
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One of the things I love most about the world of digital marketing is how quickly things can change.  Not that it’s necessarily fun to have to drop everything and respond to an algorithm update – but I love that this constantly-shifting environment forces me to stay on my toes and consistently work to improve my SEO skill set.

However, I know that this frequent upheaval can be unnerving for new webmasters, which is why I wanted to take a few minutes to share some of the techniques I’ve developed for staying up-to-date in such a fast paced industry.  I hope you find them helpful when it comes to staying on top of the ever-changing world of SEO!
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Worried about having packed on a few pounds over Thanksgiving?  Still struggling with a larger weight loss goal that seems even further and further out of your reach?  Although there are a few weight loss hacks you can use to speed up the process, the reality is that – for most people – losing weight takes time.

But while you’re working towards your overall goal, there’s no reason you need to look like an overweight slob!  Instead, try using any of the following techniques to help you look skinnier immediately while your body catches up to your overall weight loss goals:
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So you’re thinking about making the leap from your boring old day job to the exciting world of entrepreneurship?  That’s great, but before you start buying into the idea that all entrepreneurs do is build companies, cash out and spend their remaining days sipping umbrella drinks on the beach, let’s get a few things straight…

First of all, it should go without saying that entrepreneurship is hard work.  Really, the number of startup concepts that fail should clue you in to the fact that business ownership isn’t all IPOs and stock options.  However, what most aspiring entrepreneurs miss when they envision making the leap is just how difficult it can be to leave the “9-to-5” mindset behind.

The following are a few of the differences that I’ve identified between being a 9-to-5 employee and a startup entrepreneur.  While your experience may be totally different than mine, I hope you find the guidance here helpful when it comes to maintaining your sanity during this challenging transition!
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It’s time to play “20 Questions!”  Well, not exactly.  I’m not going to make you guess over and over again until you figure out what object I’m thinking of.  Instead, I’m going to lay out twenty crucial questions that you must ask potential SEO agencies before hiring one to work on your website.

There are a lot of scammers and fakers out there, so I hope you find this list useful when it comes to choosing the best agency for your job.
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With the changes in SEO best practices that have occurred following the Google Panda and Penguin updates, I find that the question of how diversified anchor texts should be in order to avoid over-optimization penalties is one of the most heated topics in digital marketing communities.

And while I can’t claim to know with 100% certainty what Google considers to be acceptable in this regard, I’d like to walk you through the process that I use when creating anchor text distributions for link building campaigns.  I hope you find this information useful when it comes to planning your own website’s off-site SEO strategies.
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If there’s one thing I’ve learned from running a handful of startups (including some great successes and some huge failures), it’s that maintaining the motivation and drive needed to push forward when you’d much rather be drinking beers with your friends can be tremendously challenging.

So if you find yourself in this position, don’t worry – I’ve got a present for you!  The following inspirational quotes have all helped me to stay on track when I’ve been struggling, and I hope they do the same for you.
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