Trying to kick start your content marketing campaign? In this episode we look at ways to improve content marketing efficiency and effectiveness. The lessons in this episode apply whether your a one-person operation or a large enterprise company.

  • 1:00: Some of the problems that larger companies with several different departments have when it comes to keeping their processes efficient.
  • 3:45: Why a brainstorming approach works better than having each department contribute to the blog by writing posts.
  •  5:30: Why not to talk about your own product or service all the time: Being self-serving is not providing value to others.
  •  8:50: The importance of communication: What to communicate and how to ensure that everyone is on the same page.
  • 14:15: Why you should start with an agency or a consultant to develop a strategy or process rather than try to develop something in-house.

As your business grows, it’s important to start thinking about scalable marketing strategies.  If you are at this point now (or will be soon), you won’t want to miss this episode!

  • 1:30: What scalable marketing is and what it is not, as well as why you need to start with non-scalable channels.
  • 6:15: Why you need to prove out what you’re already doing before you start on the scaling process, as well as how to start once you’re ready to begin the scalable strategy.
  • 8:30: Thoughts on why measuring what you’re doing is so essential and how often to check your progress.
  • 10:00: How to have a scalable mindset or a mental checklist of what to do when to keep yourself on track.

Most of the companies I work with are relatively small players competing directly with large enterprise companies. There are a lot of obvious challenges here, especially in the world of SEO.

But small companies have a handful of advantages that – if leveraged correctly – can level the playing field and even tip the scales their way.

On this episode of the Growth Mapping Podcast, Aaron and I discuss how we help small business compete with enterprise businesses in SEO.

  • 1:50: Some of the advantages of being the underdog when it comes the ability to make changes.
  • 7:25: The correct ways to use backlinks and other strategies to boost your authority.
  • 9:10: Using local optimization as a small-business owner: what to focus on and why this can help you beat the big guys.
  • 11:10: Why you don’t have to create a lot of content if you focus on thought-leadership, promotion, and building ancillary content.

Did you know your audience is 4x more likely to watch your video than read an article? In this podcast we share tips on how to leverage video marketing for your business.

  • 1:25: Why video is so popular and why people consume so much of it
  • 4:00: Factors to consider when putting together your video setup
  • 8:50: Some tools that you might use to promote your videos
  • 13:50: The preparation that goes into creating video content
  • 17.30: Why to consider getting a professional video editor

There are a lot of “marketing tips and tactics” out there that will actually cause more harm than good. In this podcast we discuss the top 10 most overrated marketing tactics, and what you can do to avoid them.9

  • 2:30: Why social media is not as effective as you would think when it comes to conversions
  • 7:25: Why not to waste money buying ads when you don’t know the platform well
  • 9:50: When guest-posting is ineffective and when it’s more likely to work
  • 12:45: Whether it’s effective to write highly controversial content or “newsjacking.”
  • 14:35: Why memes might not work the way you hope they will

Creating high quality content regularly isn’t easy – believe me I’d know. In this podcast we discuss some quick tips that can help you write better content faster.

  • 1:50: Why it’s important to diversify your content and publish on the right platforms for your readership
  • 4:50: Thoughts on repurposing content that you’ve already created to take advantage of different types of platforms
  • 9:20: Tips on hacking the writing process, how to avoid distractions, & when to edit
  • 12:00: Tricks for coming up with ideas for content
  • 15:50: How to track your metrics for more success

Advertising on Facebook is becoming more and more difficult as more companies continue to invest more heavily in the platform. Find out some of the hacks you can use when advertising on Facebook to ensure maximum ROI.

  • 3:00: How organic reach has changed over the past few years and how to increase it for your page
  • 6:00 Reasons to love Facebook ads and some ways to maximize its impact on your reach
  • 8.25: How we use a lookalike audience and videos
  • 12:00: How to use Facebook ads for pixel-swaps
  • 16:15: How Facebook Live can fit into your strategy for boosting your reach

Speaking engagements are one of the most effective channels for building your personal brand. In this episode we discuss how to secure meaningful speaking gigs.

  • 1:25: How effective public speaking can be at distinguishing yourself
  • 4:20: Working your way up to the speaking circuit
  • 7:50: Getting noticed and specific strategies to get your first gigs
  • 14:33: Paid advertising, cold outreach and other methods to get more opportunities
  • 16:50: How to get better at public speaking

Enterprise sales aren’t all about high-pressure tactics. In fact, when it comes to closing small deals and large deals, there’s not as much difference as you might think. Learn how Aaron and I close 7-figure deals for our agencies on this episode of the Growth Mapping Podcast.

  • 4:00: Why design matters when it comes to standing out and improving your chances of getting that big deal.
  • 5:15: Some credibility indicators: client logos, brands, being an authority in your niche.
  • 7:30: Ways to get media coverage, client logos, and so on.
  • 13:30: Thoughts on how software, business insurance, privacy policies, and other small details can help you close large deals.

Leveraged correctly, PR can work wonders for your company. In this episode, Aaron and I show you proven relationship-building tactics that will get your brand the right type of press.

  • 2:15: Why email pitches do not work, and what you should be doing instead.
  • 4:15: The importance of building relationships with influencers and top movers and shakers, as well as tips on how to do that.
  • 7:40: How to find and get in contact with important people in your industry.
  • 9:30: How to start a conversation with those influencers via social media.
  • 16:30: Some ideas for creating a quality website that will boost your credibility.