There are lots of reasons you might want to find trending content, including:

  • Getting inspiration for your own content production
  • Finding interesting, relevant content to share with your audience (i.e. on social media)
  • Keeping up to speed on what sort of topics are (or are not) currently popular within your industry

Staying on top of trending content gives you an edge. People are more likely to follow you and listen to what you have to say if you’re consistently sharing or producing quality content that your audience cares about. Bonus points for being among the first to share or comment on this content – you may be seen as a trend-setter or thought leader.

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These two artists are my top favorite musicians, if not my favorites. I love the music they produce for how it makes me feel, but I also know the work they put into their tracks and videos. I’m a fan of hard work and innovation, and I love that both Jay Z and Taylor Swift have developed such an influential presence from their own labors.

Content marketing is hard work as well, but I know that many of us can admit to letting things slide and resting on our laurels. You fall into a pattern of content creation that mimics a production line and you wind up churning out mediocre content that does OK.

But do you think either of these artists got where they are by just falling into a cycle of mediocre work? There’s a lot to be learned from what they’ve accomplished that can help you punch up your content marketing efforts.

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Content marketing has grown into a vastly competitive landscape with more marketers and organizations creating content than ever before – and those numbers continue to rise. With more than 68% of content marketers pushing for original content over licensed content, having the right tools at your disposal can have a big impact on the visibility of your content and the number of leads it generates.

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Athletes from around the world are heading to Rio for the Olympics, and I can’t even begin to imagine the number of people making the trip to watch the events in person. If you haven’t already booked travel for it, then you’re probably going to follow the events through social media, like I am.

I’ll be tuned in to the official Olympics Twitter profile, ESPN, and a host of other social channels to get my fix. But I’ll also check out the social feeds of some of the Olympic contenders.

Not all of them, mind you: the U.S. alone (Team USA!) sends hundreds of athletes to compete for the gold. But I’ll be paying close attention to some of them for their clever use of social media. I’m also excited to see how competitors from other countries use the newest platforms and updated features to keep in touch with their audiences.

A lot of them are building an impressive following.

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There has been a long-standing gap between sales and marketing departments. This misalignment can cause frustrations on both sides, and result in a great deal of wasted effort.

Marketing might be generating consistent leads for the sales team, but when only a portion of those leads close, they probably feel like the sales team is wasting opportunities and not bothering to follow up.

On the other hand, sales representatives might grow frustrated and feel like they could close more if marketing could just provide them with better-quality leads.

Do these conflicts sound familiar?

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I’ve learned a lot in the last 20 years from “doing,” from first-time successes to lessons learned through trial-and-error. But some of the best things I’ve picked up along the way have come from time spent listening to others, reading articles, and having dinners with some amazing people.

A lot of the growth in our industry has come from the contributions of influencers big and small, and I’ve compiled a list of some of the best articles I’ve found (or that have been shared with me) so far this year.

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Every time you create a piece of content, you’re working toward one or more goals – reach new audiences, build traffic, gain leads, create natural links, etc. (at least, you should be). And if a single piece of content has the ability to do that all of that for you, it’s in your best interest to get the most out of the content you create.

It stands to reason, then, that your old content offers just as much opportunity, if not more, than producing new content from scratch.

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Growing a company isn’t easy. Hard work and sweat equity aside, it’s difficult to know what you have to do to achieve some measure of growth, because there’s a hundred thousand little things you could do to try and make the needle move.

I hear it almost daily in conversations I have with people on Snapchat or through email and text: “How do I approach growth?” “How should I drive growth?” “Should I buy Facebook ads?” “Should I use Quora to grow traffic?”

I love those questions when I get them, because it gives me the opportunity to help entrepreneurs, startups, and growing businesses do a course correction and shift their focus to where it should be.

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